"Na bibi na bachha na dad bada na maiya the whole things is that re bhaiya sabse bada rupya'. Money is very important needs of life. Even you are a yogi you can have a billion dollar company Baba Ramdev and Sad Guru Yogi Vasudeva. It gives you power, fame, female and comfortable life. People say money can speak nowadays it is very much true. Most of us are running after money but few of them know how to grow it like a tree. Those people do not run after money rather than money come to their place for negotiation to have a place in their treasury. It's an art and science all together. You can say it as a habit. The people with this habit can find an opportunity of earning in every situation. Here are a few quotes related to finance hope you like it.

  1. No money no honey.
  2. Learn to makes 'L' silent.
  3. People say money can't provide everything in life. I say it is better to cry inside BMW.
  4. Rich habit will lead you a rich life and poor habit will lead you an average like.
  5. Affection, love, emotion cannot run your family without money. You cannot earn money without affection, love, and emotion.
  6. Selling is the best profession in the World. Everybody is a seller whether are you selling product or time or hard work.
  7. You cannot make huge money by working for a long hour. If you want to increase your earning you have to increase your value. 
  8. Money can give you success in life but only proper use of it will fill your soul.
  9. Money making is an art and You can be the greatest artist.
  10. Moneymaking is a science and you can have a million way to discover it.