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There are many ways to earn money using internet i.e online money making. There are some short-term money making ways and some long-term moneymaking ways. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. It up to you to choose a way.

Blogging: It gives you an opportunity to create content for your blog and you will be the owner of your website. Nobody will mandate you instruct you or control you. You can connect your website with advertising network to show add to your website. Which allow you to make money. There are many advertising networks and the most popular one is Google Adsense. The popular blogging providers are Blogger (a product of Google), WordPress. It has some limitations for your website design and the great advantage is that you don't need to learn any coding. If you want limitations free website then you can prefer self-hosted website. The major advantage of blogging is that you can write articles for your website from anywhere and anytime just using your mobile. You don't need a pc or camera or a video editor like a YouTuber. You can get a custom domain for your website by spending a little money.
There other ways to make money without monetization. You can create a donation link to get money from your users. You can sell your product online using your website. You can publish custom adds for your sponsors. You can take advantages of an affiliate program.
Blogging needs patience as you need some time to grow your audience. At the initial state, there will be very little visitors to your website.

YouTuber: Instantly give you a large audience. It is completely free, no money required. It will make you popular. But making a video is a time-consuming process. You have to write a script and present it well. You should have equipment like camera, video editor, high performing computer, voice recorder etc. The requirement for monetization is getting harder day by day.

Referral program and offers: The e-wallet company provides you an opportunity to make money in a very short time by referring it to your friends. It also offers you amazing cashback offers so grab it timely and grows your wallet. One of the most popular e-wallet company is Paytm. It gives you cash back almost in everything. The are other popular e-wallet apps like Phonepe, Google pay.

Url Shortener: If you are an admin of a large Facebook group you can take advantage of it by using URL Shortner.

There are many other ways like,

  • Selling product online,
  • Writing content for a magazine or blog,
  • Affiliate marketing,
  • Online service/ freelance
  • Data entry

So keep your eyes open and look for opportunity. Thank you and don't forget that you are awsome. 
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